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Sadaqah Patch

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To earn this patch each Girl Scout must complete activies from each of the categories listed below:

Daisy Girl Scouts must complete (2) two activities from each category

Brownie Girl Scouts must complete (3) three activies from each category

Junior Girl Scouts must complete (4) four activies from each category

Cadette/Senior Girl Scouts must complete (5) five activies from each category

The purpose of the activities for earning this patch is to help educate, and re-enforce, the teachings of Sadaqah in the Girl Scouts of the Islamic Faith and members of their community just as our beloved Prophet sal Allaho alaihe wa sallam (may the Blessings and Peace of Allah be upon him) taught us to do.

The term 'sadaqah' in Islam is not just about giving charity. It refers to acts that is pleasing to the One and Only Creator, and which is a benefit for all of mankind. The acts of Sadaqah are mandatory for all Muslims. Knowing and understanding the different acts of Sadaqah will help the Muslimah in her acts of worship. When the Girl Scout of the Islamic Faith finishes these activities for this patch, she will in shaa Allah:

The word 'sadaqah' means Charity in Islam. The act of giving charity in Islam is a deed that is considered very noble and virtuous and all Muslims, who participate in it, - whether the rich or the poor, or the young  and the old, - everyone gets the reward for taking the time, and making the effort, to perform the acts of Sadaqah..

Your patch represents six different types of Sadaqah. Try your best to fulfill all, or most, of the requirements for your Sadaqah Patch or, at least, be able to recognize these acts when others around you perform them.



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