Order the Junior Ramadhan Patch

Brownie Girl Scouts of the Islamic Faith can work towards their Ramadhan Patch by completing eight of the following activities:

  1. Brownie Girl Scouts learn the significance of the month of Ramadhan.

    They learn that this is one of the five pillars of Al-Islam, along with Shahada (the belief in the One Supreme Allah Subhaanao wa Ta'ala), Salat (daily 5 times prayers), Zakah (charity to the needy) and the Hajj (the once in a life-time pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia during the month of Zil Hajjah).

    They learn how the Holy Quran was revealed to Sayyedna Mohammad (peace be upon him) during this revered month.

    They learn about the benefits of fasting to one's own self (fasting teaches us self-control and also cleanses our bodies of impurities), and, the benefits to the community in which we live (fasting helps us to understand how people feel when they have no food).

    When Muslims fast, they are holding fast to the contract made between them and the One and Only Creator (SwT) by not eating or drinking, from sunrise to sunset, during the month of Ramadhan. The fast is broken at sunset when the Muslim thanks Almighty Allah and eats and drinks good and wholesome meals.

    They learn briefly about Lail a tul Qadr.

  2. Brownie Girl Scouts, even when they are not fasting, help their families around the home especially during the month of Ramadhan.

    Fasting is not compulsory for the younger Brownie Girl Scouts but they are encouraged to practice self-control and to think of people who are without food. Helping out around the house, especially when older members of the household are fasting is essential in Ramadhan.

  3. Brownie Girl Scouts of the Islamic Faith visit those who are sick or are suffering.

    As Muslims, we know that Ramadhan is the month of Blessings. We realize how Generous and Charitable Allah (SwT) is to us. We, too, find ways to be generous and charitable to others, especially during the month of Ramadhan. Charity has many forms: it can be in the form of spending money on worthy causes; it can be in the form of spending your time with those who are lonely or sick. Remember to think of family, relatives, neighbors, friends and community members.

  4. Brownie Girl Scouts get up for sahoor (the pre-dawn meal) on weekends to enjoy this important part of Ramadhan.

    Brownie Girl Scouts learn that in Muslim countries around the world, all households awake at that time and lights shine brightly all over the lands. Many bazaars come to life early as people open their stores for shoppers. In most Muslim countries, schools begin earlier than usual and end before the hottest part of the day so that those who are fasting can go home and take their naps in between prayers. Older Brownie Girl Scouts are encouraged to fast during this month. They can begin by fasting on Fridays and weekends.

  5. Brownie Girl Scouts memorize Surah Al-Qadr (Al-Quran 97: 1-5) and learn its meaning.

  6. Brownie Girl Scouts gather together to read salah and do dhikr (remember Allah Subhaanao wa Ta'ala) during Lail a tul Qadr.

    Sayyeda Ayesha (RA) reported that the Last Messenger of Allah (SwT), Sayyedna Mohammad (peace be upon him) said, "Seek Lail a tul Qadr (the Night of Power) on an odd number night among the last ten days in Ramadhan." That holy night Brownie Girl Scouts, with the troop or their families, can spend part of the night reading nawafil (extra credit prayers), or, listening to or reading Islamic stories from hadiath and other books.

  7. Brownie Girl Scouts listen to audio/video tapes of Quranic readings or see and hear the Quran al-Kareem on disks on computers during the month of Ramadhan. Brownie Girl Scouts can participate in this activity for as much time as they can comfortably assign to it. This is an age-related activity and is to familiarize the Brownie Girl Scout with the sound and beauty of the Holy Quran.

  8. Brownie Girl Scouts practice reading the Holy Quran as much as possible during this month remembering that the Holy Quran was first revealed to Sayyedna Mohammad (pbuh) during this month. If Brownie Girl Scouts are learning the Quranic Arabic, they are required to practice daily.

  9. Brownie Girl Scouts watch Islamic videos on Ramadhan, like the one from Sound Vision (Adam's World) or instructional videos by Islamic Information Services (I.I.S.) See Brownie Booklet for contacts.

  10. Brownie Girl Scouts help serve food at home or at their local Islamic Center during the iftaar/ breaking of the fast. They can help make simple things like fruit salad (bananas are fun and simple to slice with a plastic knife!) at a family get together at sunset.

  11. Brownie Girl Scouts help feed the homeless or the needy especially during the month of Ramadhan.

    This activity can be part of a troop-wide plan or can be done with the family.

  12. Brownie Girl Scouts get together with other Muslims on the Eve of "Eid" (the end of the month celebration) to break the last fast together and to prepare for Eid morning.

    In some countries around the world, girls put henna on their palms in cheerful designs; in other countries, special sweets are baked or cooked the night before Eid. Find out what young Muslim girls do to celebrate Eid in one other Muslim country around the world. What would you like to do?

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