Ramadhan Patch for Brownie Girl Scouts
Ramadhan Patch for Junior Girl Scouts
Ramadhan Patch for Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts
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How to order the Ramadhan Patch

The Ramadhan Patch

The Five Pillars of Islam

As Muslims, we believe in the Shahadat: La illaha il lAllah Mohammadur rasulAllah (There is no God but Allah and Mohammad (pbuh) is Allah's messenger).
Muslims also believe in the other four pillars of Islam which are:
As-Salat (Prayer),
Az-Zakat (Charity),
As-Sawm (Fasting),
and Al-Hajj (the Pilgrimage to Makkah, in today's Saudi Arabia).
Whereas the first pillar is a mental action (Faith), the four other pillars require physical actions…such as bowing down in prayer, refraining from food and drink during Ramadhan, giving money to the poor, and going on a pilgrimage to Makkah for the Hajj.

To get the Ramadhan Patch, Girl Scouts of the Islamic Faith will complete the activities listed on the following links.

Requirements for BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS

Requirements for JUNIOR GIRL SCOUTS

Requirements for SENIOR GIRL SCOUTS

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