Earn the "Share Ramadan with a Friend Patch"

Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts

Suggestons for Brownie/Junior Girl Scouts to earn this patch:

  1. Invite Muslim and non-Muslim friends for iftaar (breaking of the fast) to their homes, or during troop meetings
  2. If they invite their non-Muslim friends, make a small presentation about Ramadhan before the iftaar to explain the significance of Ramadhan in Islam
  3. The invitation cards for The Share Ramadhan Patch iftaar to be made by the Brownie/Junior Girl Scouts

Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts

Suggestions for Cadette/Senior Girl Scouts to earn this patch. Add the following to the above requirements:

  1. Cadette/Senior Girl Scouts make foods from different Muslim countries to share with their Muslim and non-Muslim friends during the iftaar
  2. They can seek permission from the Masjid Committee to hold the iftaar at the masjid.
  3. If non-Muslim friends are invited they can be introduced to the Masjid Dress Code.
  4. If non-Muslim friends are invited to stay and observe the salah, they can be provided an explanation of the significance of the salah for Muslims (during the earlier presentation), or in a Ramadhan brochure prepared by the Cadette/Senior Girl Scouts.